Earth Creativity

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Who We Are


My vision is a sustainable community of light workers, entrepreneurs, artists, and healers as a self sustaining Educational village moving the village experience to different socio-economic cultural locations. This vision inspires the creative artists and
 awakening population to guide and lead the community  to a respectful and productive way of life honoring mother earth.

Its purpose is to inspire young creators and visionaries to nurture a healthy imagination, and find ways to express their inner gifts. For mature creative’s it’s to share new innovative
 technologies and ideas for the purpose of creating multimedia edutainment experiences that will help usher in the new age of Aquarius with more ease, to shape  a new reality  of living  life in a much greater awareness of earth , and sustaining its harmonious balance

The Journey

Daytime is focused on creating and connecting to the environment on very deep levels , thru the
Education of learning sustainable agricultural systems to help feed people so they can thrive and flourish in these times of change

 Another important aspect that will be shared is the passing of ancestral teachings to preserve
Mother Earth and  the cultural arts, evolving them in unity with other mastered arts for the purpose of recreation, self mastery and enlightenment.

 Nightly events and entertainment are focused
 on creative self expression and the externalizing of the experiences and  teachings integrated  throughout the day. Various Ceremonies will take place for opening and blessing the earth and the space by setting specific intentions and showing gratitude to the universal spirit within each of us.


Establishing a worldwide and culturally diverse tribe.

The School

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Eucalyptus Gardens 1 Month before
Earth Creativity Village's Earth Day Festival

1 Month After

Earth Creativity Village Festival was born on Dec 21, 2012 after a series of 6 months elemental ceremonies The Gods & Goddess Circle, a monthly ceremonial gathering moving from venue to venue paying homage to each of the elements aswell as establishing each venue as a part of our community village, for more info visit  

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I am pleased ,,,blessed ,,and loving ,,BEing alive in these most special times in this now ,,,,,, we arrived. At earth day,,,, in a garden that was transformed with love ,,vision ,,, and a burning desire to celebrate nature ,,and our lives ,,in the highest most natural way ,,,,music ,,,dance ,,love ,,seminars on being of and IN service to the new earth ,our original mother ,,,,love love love and the understanding that we are one light ,,and one family ,,,and when i serve the illusion of you I serve AM ,,,SELF,,,,as ,, IN ,,Namaste ,,,love is the only mind altering INgredeant we will ever need ,,,,love is Gods drug induced nectorof the spirit ,,the soul. ,,and the mind - body. ,,,,never give up ,,,,create drug smoke and alcahol free events ,,,so that our brothers and sisters. Will see how amazing ,,and beauty full they are in there original state of BEingness,,,,,after all,,,,,,, all the yoga and concious ,,books,, seminars ,,,,lectures ,,, workshops ,,,point us to know SELF,,,and thus celebrate the sacred space with in ,,,as to be ,,see heaven on earth ,,,that all ways lives inside us as Gods arms are in constant nurturing,,,,ahhh and there lies ecstasy,, and inner rapture ,,,,LOVEthineSELF, ,,,,,,sweep away any Thing that weighs you and prevents you from inner flight ,,, the mantra,,,,,,,,,,today.,,,,,,, My life will not be business as usual ,,love Happy z

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