Earth Creativity

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Earth Creativity Village Festival

"Grand Opening of E.A.R.T.H C.R.E.A.T.I.V.I.T.Y"

School of Enlightening Arts & Revolutionary Teachings of Humanity

EARTH CREATIVITY VILLAGE FESTIVAL: is a growing and connecting event. One where " WE Teach Each Other to Elevate and bring together the community and networking expanding our local family. All those participating are encouraged to, with an open heart, drink in the sorroundings, culture, and wildlife; create deep connections with one another. Bringing awareness and respect to our environment and living in balance with nature and the animal kingdom while in a state of recreation. Share & Create with the Higher Level Co-Conscious Paradigm in a Monthly Event Collaboration of local creators, artist, teachers and performers gathering to cocreate the experience and enhacement of the environment. Aside from the basic parameters in place for safety and Intentional Purpose, The Village is ours to mold and shape to our Wishes and Needs.

"Come and celebrate as each essential aspect of creativity comes together
once again in the cosmic party of Creation"

Networking,Workshops Spiritual Arts, Animals, Ceremonies, Community, Performances, Djs Sets, Dancing, Movies, Live Art, Vendors occuring throughout the duration of the event. Animal handlers located at each animal pit. Those whom wish to feel out land, may do so with appointment up to the day of the event.

Bring Homemade love foods and drinks to donate & share

BYODrums, Yoga Mats, Canvas, Paints, Art, Toys, Tents & Chrismas Lights.

Dress Code- Dress as your Inner Spirit (Your Art, Culture, Service, Character, Cosplay, Etc)

Friday 4:30PM - 2:00AM
Saturday 9:00AM- 2:00AM
Sunday 9:00AM- 2:00AM

To facilitate a Workshop, Perform or be a Vendor
call Milina: (954)4463754

Sponsored by
Release of online Community Network

No drugs or alcoholic drinks, there will be many kids present and many types of natural medicinals at your disposal, plus lots of  love energy to go around. We do everything as one.

Be Co-Creator of the experience, we provide the space you

Teach, Perform, Share & Play, the collective is in control.

It belongs to the wisest and those who create the most

while respecting others, nature and the environment.

Moving from Venue to Venue Every 4th Saturday of the Month 

                           Creating a Global Family and Community Village

Earth Creativity Village

Creative Director & Promotion - Ohm

Manager - Sasha

Marketing & Sales - Regina Aducci

Coordinator - Milina

 Native Village Marketing - Serge

Host Speaker

Jared "Energetic Planet"


Meet & Greet
4:30 pm
Magick Yoga
(alignment of the elements, banishing negativity, and preparing ourselves for the awakening Ritual)
Karina Skye 6:00

Dinner & a Movie 7:00 pm
"Thrive" part 1

Awakening Ceremony 

Rev. Grace Telesco 8:00 pm

Lotus Dance Troupe Belly Dancing 9:00pm
Jodie 9:30pm
Drumming Jesus 10:00 pm

Healing Circle (Field)

Ohm & Sasha 10:00pm

Karina Skye 11:00 pm
Accoustic "Letter to Humanity"

Music, Djs, Dancing

DJ Alexis12-2pm


Kids & Adults Activities & Workshops

Doors Open 9:00pm

Kids Art, Dance, Yoga, Physical Fitness, Drums


Art  Class

Ohmtheartist 10:00am
 Karina Skye 11:00am
Kids Belly Dance 12:00
American tribal Style Belly Dance for Adults 12:00

Qi Gong

Halima 2:00pm

Childrens Yoga & Laughter
Goddess Diana 3:00 pm

Imagination Ceremony

Massimo 4:00pm

Capoeira for Kids & Adults

Lemba 5:00 pm

Super Natural Training Systems
Health & Nutrition 5:30pm
Physical Training 6:00pm

Dinner 7:00
Big Screen Movie "Thrive" part 2

Workshops & Ceremonies
Spirit Ceremony

Opening of the Sufi Heart Healing Circle

Halima 6:00 pm

Sacred Flower Ceremony

 Monica 7:00pm

Oasis Ceremony

Mdw 9:00pm

Spirit Ceremony

Ohm 10:00pm

& Performances

Hawaian Luau, Fire Poi, Djs, Dancing, Food & Drinks


Capoeira Circle
& Drums
Lemba 8pm

Jhonella from Almaas Belly Dancing 8:30pm
Jamie from Almaas Belly Dancing 8:40pm
Isis San Miguel Belly Dancing 8:50pm

Shivayah LED Liquid Poi & Fire Poi 9:00pm

Spoken Word & Poetry 10:00pm

Mori 10:00pm
Eazzy 10:15pm
Lox 10:30pm
Soph Eye 10:45pm

Karina & The Infinite
                                                         Music, Dancing & DJs
  DJ Cris12:00 - 2:00am


Gates Open 9am

Chakras for Kids & Adults
Anchari Devi Dasi 10:00am

Native Village Seminole Elder

Animals & Culture tour & informational 11:00am

Ayurveda Numerology

Anchari Devi Dasi 12:00pm

Lunch & a Movie 1pm
Princess Mononoke

Field 3pm-5pm
Drumming For Peace
Howard Dean 5pm

Healing the EARTH 6pm

OM HEALING CIRCLE with Karina Skye

Dinner & Movie 7pm
Paradise or Oblivion

Uni-Lotus Online Community Network  8PM

Elders Council Community Networking & Raffle 9pm

Closing Ceremony

 Earth Creativity Villagers 10:00 pm

 Drum Circle 10pm- 2:00am
Drums, Dancing, Fire Poi, BYODrums

Village DJ Alissa 10pm-2:00am

Copyright © 2012 EarthCreativityVillage Inc.


1 Day Pass $10
2 Day Pass $15
3 Day pass $25

1 Day Pass $20
2 Day Pass $35
3 Day Pass $50

If you would like to participate in our Grounds Crew Service Exchange to volunteer and participate with a free or discounted admission call 954.415.5046.


$50 per day

Mother Earth Essentials
Massage Therapist- Olga
Massage Therapy - Lemba Healing Arts

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